We are happy to be able to share some Soul Communications on behalf of the Soul Level as free downloads soon.

Please note: (Only) these Soul Communications may expressly be forwarded to family, friends and clients.

Breathe for Earth
Breathe for Earth.pdf
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Balancing Hereditary Factors
Balancing Hereditary Factors.pdf
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Communication of the Plant Soul Rose
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Communication of the Plant Soul Tagetes Erecta
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Extension of the Rainddrop Technique from Plant Souls
Extension of the Raindrop Technique from
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Be Reborn in the Light of Creation
Be reborn in the Light of Creation.pdf
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This may be offered as a guided meditation / relaxation exercise / self-discovery exercise / awareness exercise / healing meditation / … The source of the information has to be clear and available, and/or has to be mentioned to the highest good of all, that means a link to the School of Easy Living’s homepage is necessary if you advertise this online or on a flyer, for example. 

We ask for the following compensation in case someone uses this technique to earn money: Please 

donate an amount of money that works very well for you to a non-profit organization (marine conversation, wildlife conservation or an organization that cleanses the ocean from plastic… something 

like this) of your choice. 

Exercise for the Connection of Mind and Heart
Exercise for the Connection of Mind and
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Harmonizing Colonization starting from Europe
Harmonizing Colonization starting from E
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