Seminar Cycles

The techniques of a seminar cycle correlate and complement one another; they share a common field of vibration. 

However, every seminar and technique may be booked separately. Choose by simply following your heart. 


The Beginning

These techniques can support purifying processes, strengthen you and help you to become and be yourself on more levels than before.


Abundance and Variety

In these techniques you can experience the various energetic effects of Young Living essential oils. They can stabilize, ground and fortify you. They can bring you ease and joy or enable you to live your life in a nurtured and purified way. Choose from life’s abundance, nature has laid your table plentifully.


The Blessing

These techniques will promote clarity and joy wherever necessary. You will receive the joy and blessing of Plant, Crystal and Gem Souls, which will accompany and protect you on your ways. This is especially for you.


The Polarity

Apparent opposites will unify within you, your male and/or female aspects will be addressed and can be supported in their healing processes on levels fundamental for your deeper understanding of the world and its polarities. Polarity expresses through you and within you, it acts through you and within you. Be yourself with everything that belongs to you. It is time.

For maximum effect of these techniques, the School of Easy Living recommends to only have them when you feel that this is right and important for you and what you need at this point in your life clearly and over a period of more than one month.


The Farewell

These techniques will prepare and follow up, and (in case of very strong fears and taboos) even enable you to go through your process in your own rhythm and time and to develop at all. They will support you in saying farewell to wrong assumptions, to people and things that have weakened you, to inner accusations, the inability and unwillingness to forgive and in the case of the last technique of life itself. Afterwards, you can continue on your way, free.


Raindrop Technique